Enameled CCA Wire( Enamelled CCA wire)


CCA Enameled Wire is a new electromagnetic wire taking copper clad aluminum as inner conductor material, with characteristics between copper and aluminum. It combines excellent conductivity of copper and light weight of aluminum.

Advantages of Enameled CCA Wire

DC resistivity: The DC resistivity of CCA wire is approximately 1.45 times that of copper wire; with the same resistance, CCA wire is about 1/2 heavy of copper wire.

Good solderability: CCA wire is clad with a layer of concentric copper, so it has the same solderability as copper wire and doesn’t need special treatment as aluminum wire;

Light weight: The density of CCA wire is 1/3 of copper wire of the same diameter; very effective to reduce the weight of cables and coils.

Applications of Enameled CCA Wire:

High-frequency transformers, general transformers;

Induction coils, magnetic coils;

Electromotors including household electromotors, a variety of micro-motors, compressors, and other electromotors with high environment requirements;

Special electromagnetic wire for audio coils and CD drivers;

Electromagnetic wire for monitor deflection coils;

Various types of magnetic coils and induction coils;

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