The Tension Is Important (Xinyu Enameled Wire)


Among the commonly used enamelled wire models, the polyester Enameled Wire is also one of the more commonly used wire types. Its temperature resistance is higher than that of polyurethane, and it is used in a wider range of industries. Most of the transformers that are common in our lives. Polyester enameled wire is used. The structure inside the generator that is common in life is also the use of polyester enameled wire. In some high-temperature working environments, the machine inside the machine is also using polyester enameled wire.

The polyester enameled wire is abbreviated as QZ wire. It is an enameled wire coated with bare copper wire with a special paint. The paint has high temperature resistance and the paint will not be destroyed under high temperature working conditions. . The scratch resistance test of the polyester enamel coating film reflects the strength of the film against mechanical scratches. Heat resistance; including thermal shock and softening breakdown test, the thermal shock of the polyester enameled wire is the ability of the paint film of the polyurethane enamel wire to withstand heat under mechanical stress. Polyurethane enameled wire; refers to the polyurethane enameled wire with certain quality characteristics. It is the largest production in China, accounting for about two-thirds: widely used in various motors, electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment. And home appliances; the weakness of this product is poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance.

180 Enameled Copper Wire

There are several major processes for making Enameled Copper Wire. One of the processes of paying off the wire is to evaluate the quality of the enameled wire. The process of laying the wire is complete and smooth, which is very guarantee for the quality of the enameled wire.

The key to the discharge is to control the tension. When the tension is large, not only the conductor is drawn, but also the surface of the wire is lost, and the performance of the enameled wire is also affected. From the outside, the drawn enameled wire has poor gloss; from the performance point of view, enameled wire elongation, resilience, flexibility, thermal shock are affected. The tension of the take-up thread is too small, and the line is easy to jump, causing the line and the line to touch the furnace mouth. When the line is released, the tension is too large, and the tension of the half ring is small. This not only makes the wire loose and broken, but also stretches for a while, and it also causes the big jump of the inner wire of the oven, causing the line and the line to be faulty. The tension of the take-up thread should be uniform and appropriate.